Halloween Safety Guide for Trick-or-treaters

Halloween Safety Guide  for Trick-or-treaters

Halloween is creeping up fast!  The time when kids and adults alike dress up in costumes, carve pumpkins, and indulge in tasty treats, including some of our favorite spicy Mexican snacks like Tamarindo candy, chamoy covered candy or hard candy covered in chilito. Our Mexican lollipops, and revolcaditas are our brand favorites. Yummy! 

While we all love free candy, safety should always be a top priority while trick or treating.  

You know the old saying; “never take candy from strangers”  

We've put together this Halloween Safety Guide to ensure you have a spooktacular and safe Halloween night for you and your little ones 

  1. Inspect Your Candy: Before diving into your candy stash, take a moment to inspect it. Ensure all wrappers are intact and look for any signs of tampering or damaged packaging. If anything seems off, don't hesitate to toss it away. 
  2. Enjoy Treats at Home: Wait until you're home to enjoy your treats. Home is where you can comfortably savor your candy, perhaps while tasting some hot chili powder or zesty límon candy. 
  3. Be Allergy Aware: For those with food allergies, read candy labels carefully. At Jovy Candy, we prioritize clear labeling to help you make informed choices, including our spicy Mexican snacks and sweet candies. 
  4. Avoid Choking Hazards: Different candies have different textures. Some may be harder or stickier and could be a choking hazard, especially for young children. Be cautious and choose age-appropriate treats like our Mexican hard candy and spicy tamarind candy. 
  5. Moderation is Key: Don't go overboard and devour all your candy at once. Enjoy your treats over several days to prevent sugar rushes and crashes. Our Jovy Candy selection offers a perfect balance of flavors for a delightful, moderated experience. 
  6. Have Fun and Stay Safe: Most importantly, have a blast enjoying your Halloween candy responsibly and safely. Halloween is all about fun and festivities, and our Mexican candy store is here to add that special touch. 

Halloween candy is undoubtedly a highlight of the season, but ensuring candy safety is just as important. Follow these simple tips to enjoy your sweet treats without any tricks. 

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