"Jingle All the Giveaway: A Festive Journey Through our #12DaysofGiftmas

"Jingle All the Giveaway: A Festive Journey Through our #12DaysofGiftmas

Tis the season for giving, and we're here to make your holiday celebrations even more joyful! Welcome to our #12DaysofGiftmas Social Media Giveaway, where every day brings a new opportunity to win exciting prizes and spread the festive cheer. Join us on this merry journey as we unwrap a dozen days of spicy sweetness.

Day 1: One Bag if Enchilokas! 🥭🌶️We kicked off the giveaway with a banga perfectly sweet, perfectly spicy bag of enchilokas for one lucky winner. Enchilokas

Day 2: Double the Delight 🐛🐛On the second day, we doubled the excitement with not one but two fantastic products. Sweet and Sour Selection! Our social media channels were buzzing with activity as participants eagerly shared wether they were team sweet or team sour

.Sour and Sweet

Day 3 Crystal Clear Elegance 🎁🎁🎁 Our winner received a trio of our limited edition Christmas gummies that come in an elegant acrylic box. Perfect to display the sweetness for this holiday. 

Day 4 different flavors of Chilirokas🥭🍉: Our winner had the chance to Indulge in 4 different flavors of chili-centered hard candy cylinders free and to their doorstep.

Day 5 is for 5 bags of Peach Gummy Rings🍑💍Amidst the hustle and bustle, Day 5 was dedicated to our delicious peach rings coated in sugar happiness. a lucky winner will receive 5 bags of Peach rings to their doorstep. 

Day 6 A spicy delight with Pika Slices🍉🍭: You are still on time to enter and win! Experience the perfect fusion of sweet and spicy as you savor the juicy watermelon flavor enhanced by the kick of zesty chili. Our handcrafted lollipop promises a fiesta of flavors that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Mexico with every lick.

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