Up Your Valentine's Day with a Candy Gram!

Up Your Valentine's Day with a Candy Gram!

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time to think about ways to add sweetness and joy to the celebration of love. One delightful tradition that never goes out of style is the classic candy gram—a charming gesture that combines the love of candy with heartfelt sentiments. This Valentine's Day, let's explore the magic of a Candy Gram, a sweet surprise that's sure to warm the hearts of your loved ones. What is a Candy Gram? For those not familiar, a candy gram is a delightful surprise consisting of a small package of candy paired with a personalized note or message. It's a simple yet thoughtful way to express affection and make someone's day a little brighter on Valentine's Day. Why Choose Candy for Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day and candy are a match made in heaven. The vibrant colors, the variety of flavors, and the sheer joy that comes with indulging in sweet treats perfectly complement the spirit of the occasion. Whether it's chocolates, gummies, or nostalgic candies, traditional mexican candy, lollipops, sour gummies, the options are endless, making candy the perfect choice for spreading love.

How to order a Candy Gram from our website:

Creating a Candy Gram is a breeze!

Begin by selecting your favorite Jovy Candy and adding to your cart. Think of that special someone and order their favorite treat.

Add to cart and scroll down to our "CandyGram" Collection. We have 4 different desing that you can modify with a personalized message. Click on the option to "VIEW  CART"  and under "ORDER NOTES" you can add your personalized message; add a heartfelt message expressing your love and appreciation. 

Finally, proceed to check out as you normally would.

Spread the Sweetness: Whether you're surprising your significant other, your friends, or even yourself, a Candy Gram is sure to bring smiles and warmth this Valentine's Day. It's a timeless and simple way to show you care and to make someone's day a little sweeter.

Go ahead, create a delightful Candy Gram, share the love, and make this Valentine's Day a memorable one for all the special people in your life!

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